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The South African Veterinary Association Wildlife Group is a Special Interest Group of the South African Veterinary Association.

The South African Veterinary Association (SAVA) is a professional association of veterinarians in South Africa which promotes the interests and activities of the veterinary profession and assists veterinarians to fulfil their role in the community.

The SAVA Wildlife Group, amongst other aspects, aims to:

  • promote and co-ordinate veterinary research and all aspects related to nature conservation and wildlife management in Southern Africa
  • provide a forum for the interchange of ideas amongst its members and members of other associations concerned with nature conservation and wildlife
  • collect, publish and distribute information related to veterinary wildlife research

If you are already a SAVA Wildlife Group member, please go to the Members Section and log in to access useful resources.


If you are a veterinarian who is not a member of the SAVA,Wildlife Group please Email us to find out more about becoming a member of the parent body and Wildlife Group.



We welcome you to the group’s official website and invite Members of the public to explore the public sections of our site, in the hope that it will provide you with interesting and useful information.



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